2018 Olympic Games – For a united Korean peninsula

Every once in a while we keep ordinary people as heros and it is all because what they might have achieved and the things they have done for other people, sometimes these people are so talented and gifted that they must stand out and make themselves work hard for the things they want, more often these people go to specialists those people that will make them better no matter what they have in themselves that extra work that no one is willingly to put together, only these people that will work for what they always have dreamed, these people exists to coach those who seek their help, it is amazing that once these small people come to the specialists their whole talent comes full force and they can explore their talent and limits.


Those who might want a better future for themselves work hard and like to get to their goals no matter what so it is because these people that we have gold winners from the olympics, these people put their whole being into coaching and making these non-experts into what they later become, a source of inspiration, strength and devotion to their own body and their own career, they can not take a no for an answer, they are always trying to improve themselves and trying to work and making a gold winner from these people that seek them out so they can coach them and can improve their very own natural talents, so these coaches are vital for the olympics and the players, they must be coached and put into a competing place so they can improve and show their real power and talent.


Korea: United


This year’s olympic games were an event itself it was so waited and people all over the world were waiting for the nominates for the winners and losers but it was a big event, a big party full of talented people from all over the world making their countries proud and seeking their own victory so once they would come home they would be welcomed with a big party and the respect from their families, winning an olympic can be such an honor for a country and these people that make their best to work and show the world who they are against, since there are contestants from all over the world each one of them with hopes and dreams and the ultimate dream, to make their own country proud, it is a matter of importance, the one provided by an olympic event like this.


This year Korea was united by a fleeting moment by the olympians who represented both the north and the south and as they stand close together both nations, sharing the same country, put their differences aside to make this olympic event possible, «I would like to take this opportunity to convey greetings and a message of friendship from the people of Korea”, South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in chimed in.


This was a message of peace, a peninsula divided since 1950 but united as a nation on the opening ceremony, they marched and walked as one nation walking with an unified Korea flag and their people cheered and marched unified with each other, playing to win a medal for their own country and show their talent, bettering themselves through competition, both countries trying their best and remembering how much alike they are.


Cheerleading and good spirits.


To keep the high spirits going on the North Korea government sent out a team of cheerleaders, these young women are said to be the “beauties” of North Korea, with a population of 25 million, these women are considered to be part of the team for their ideology and their good looks, after all these are young women in their early or mid 20s handpicked from universities across the country, propaganda squad members and music school students, this clearly eases tensions between the two nations, arising talks and whispers about peace and unification between the two, definitely something to look forward to.


This union is exciting and it will most certainly bring these two nations together and remember that once they were one.