About Us

Korean American Community Services has over 40 years of experience providing comprehensive social services to Korean Americans and other community members so that all may fulfill their needs and lead dignified and meaningful lives. We have created this web site as a public service, offering information about our agency and services, as well as matters of concern to our constituents and supporters, so please explore it to learn more about us, including our staff, our programs, and ways that you can get involved.




Dear Friends,

As we celebrate 40 years of service to the community, we reflect with humility on the rich history of Korean American Community Services, and look positively toward the future of providing critically needed care to our constituents.

When KACS was first established, we concentrated on providing the most basic needs to recent Korean immigrants; now, we strive to continue to meet the evolving needs of an enlarged community by helping each individual and family lead richer and more meaningful lives, while remembering our heritage in the process. After all, the most meaningful life experiences result from our journey rather than reaching our destination.

Thus, we invite you to walk with us on our continued journey as we navigate through times of challenging uncertainty and hopeful progress alike. We would not be where we are today without the help of our supporters and the trust instilled in us by our clients. Thank you for 40 years of encouragement and reinforcement. We are excited to watch the next 40 years unfold before us.


Inchul Choi
Executive Director