Department of Citizenship, Immigration and Legal service (CILS).

KACS department of citizenship, immigration and legal service are currently running three programs.
1.Citizenship and Immigration Service:
This program assists many immigrants at varying stages of the immigration process, providing wide array of application services from family invitation to citizenship. The program provides free citizenship application service and low-cost immigration services to clients who cannot afford private services from immigration attorneys.  As a BIA recognized agency, we also provide legal advocacy before USCIS for clients in need of legal representation.

2.Pro Bono Legal information clinic:
In partnership with the Korean American Bar Association of Chicago, licensed attorneys  will provide free legal consultation on a wide range of issues that clients bring and give them general legal information and direction. The Pro Bono Legal clinic opens every first Thursday of the month at KACS Chicago main office.

3.Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC):  
This program is a far-reaching community campaign to educate taxpayers who speak English as a second language (ESL) by utilizing various economic, social and cultural networks and resources.  The campaign activities focus on reaching out to low-income families and people with limited English proficiency through workshops, media outreach, and distribution of information materials.