Community Health

The goal of health services is to help not only uninsured and underinsured individuals to access appropriate health care services, but also promotes and protects the health of our community through providing information & referral, screenings, health outreach & educational workshops, and health fair.


1) Health Screening Center                                                                        
Our goal is to provide affordable preventive care and chronic disease management services at free or low cost with less complex administrative procedures. In addition, MTM (Medication Therapy Management) service is provided with support from Swedish Covenant Hospital Pharmacy as well at this center.


2) Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection (B&C) Project
To increase the awareness of breast and cervical cancer and screening rates of Korean American women living in the suburban metropolitan Chicago area, Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Project provides outreach, education, free screening, information and referral, and case management for those who need additional screenings and treatment.


3) Annual Health Fair
Since 1977, our health fair has offered free checkups in the following areas: internal medicine, podiatry, allergy, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and dentistry. Moreover, the event provided consultations with pharmacists, free medications, and various screenings and lab tests at a discount.


4) Building Better Bones Project
The program provide outreach, education, risk assessment and bone density screening for osteoporosis for moderate to high-risk women over 40. To increase women’s knowledge of osteoporosis and its prevention, we conduct osteoporosis awareness campaigns using Korean radio, television and print media.


5) Heart to Heart
This program is designed to provide to local Korean and Latino communities culturally competent in-language education about heart disease risk factors and preventive behavioral changes, and providing free blood screenings and referrals to follow-up care to uninsured and underinsured women.


6) Hepatitis B Education & Vaccination Program
In order to identify individuals and families at risk for Hepatitis-B infection and increase the knowledge of Hepatitis-b and its prevention, in collaboration with Asian Health Coalition of Illinois, free vaccinations and culturally appropriate education workshops have been provided.