The goal of the department is to help individuals and their families within the community find the support they need to achieve their personal goals. 


Crisis Intervention

Providing emergency relief funds and food

Individual, family, and group counseling

Referrals to other support services

Case management

Long-term support for situation extending beyond the initial 12-week crisis counseling services


Domestic Violence

Family violence and partner abuse/power and control

Stress management

Developing coping skills to recover from the abuse

Gaining personal empowerment to overcome issues of anger and aggression arising from the abusive relationship

Improving self-esteem and self care

Learning positive and assertive communication skills


Individual Counseling

Abuse (sexual, physical, emotional & verbal)

Acculturation problems

Anxiety and stress

Death, grief and loss

Depression and anger

Family/relational conflicts

Intergenerational conflicts

Lack of confidence and low self-esteem

Other personality disorders



Marital/Family Counseling

When someone in the family has a problem, it can affect the entire family system.  Family counseling is an effective way to help all family members understand the issues and the conflicts that arise. Family counseling may provide the opportunity for the entire family to communicate openly and problem solve as a cohesive unit.


Group Counseling

Parenting Education

Domestic Violence Support Group for Victims 

Anxiety Group for Teens

Early Childhood Aggression Group


School Social Work Services

School Social Work services are provided to two schools by KACS: Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, Illinois and Jahn World Language School in Chicago, Illinois. Individual and group counseling services are provided to children ages kindergarten through the end of high school in order for them to better acculturate to their new surroundings in the school environment and improve their overall functioning in the classroom.


Pro Bono Legal Information Clinic

The legal clinic is held from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. on the 1st Thursday of every month and volunteer attorneys address a wide array of legal needs of our current residents & newly arrived immigrants. Korean & English speaking attorneys are available as well as an interpreter for our Spanish speaking clients.  The attorneys are at hand to listen to you, review any legal paperwork you might bring to the clinic and provide you with legal advice so that you can best deal with your legal problems.


Wellness Department Staff

All direct service staff members are bilingual and bicultural, and are either credentialed (MSW) therapists or clinical MSW-level interns. We offer counseling services in the following languages: Korean, Spanish, and English. We are dedicated to helping our clients to bridge cultural and linguistic barriers and safely rebuild their lives