The difference between living in America and Korea

We are sure there is a sea of difference between Korea and the United States, it is been recurring how much of a cultural shock is once you get to American soil, since you arrive to the airport, everything is a little bit different than back home, so I have been thinking about writing how different these two places really are.


The people, the food, the climate, even the architecture and customs are so different than what we are use to back in Korea, it is like landing in a completely different universe, it is here, the land of options, the land of freedom the place we might have chosen to fall into or it might be that our parents brought us here being so little, we certainly did not have any saying on the matter, but now, we are here and it is best to squeeze the opportunity rather than to stay home and be homesick about Korea.

The people.

Here you can find freedom around the corner, even people try to rub that “free-ness” they have and their right to take it and your duty to respect it, a lot of people go around not fearing anything and doing whatever they want, such is the case in america that sometimes being outside it’s enough to feel overwhelmed, here people are rarely afraid, but in Korea you have such traditions and the old people it is still cared about, there is just a peacefulness and paused time on Korea, everything seems to move slowly and certainly you will not find someone half naked yelling at you how much you should “embrace” freedom, so let’s just say Korean people can be a little bit more tender and a little bit more quiet than American people, who at any given chance will flaunt their freedom and rights on your face, like… thank you but no thank you.


In America you can find really nice food but that is if you are willing to pay for it, the food can be a little bit more expensive and a little bit not that fresh, yet in Korea you wouldn’t have to worry about it that much, starting from the fact that you might even eat for free, yes, your aunt or your grandma can fix any dish in less than 30 minutos and we are sure you are gonna love it, even you are going to try to learn how to make it, but sadly we are a long way from home, so it is best to suck it up and try to earn as much money so you can have a better experience eating out and maybe find the perfect place for those traditional dishes you are longing for.


It’s simply more strict on Korea, no doubt about it they focus so much on grades, everything is set for you to study and become something of a honor student, everyone is pushing themselves as far as they can or might be, their parents are pushing them as far as they can so they can have “a future” and be allowed to earn a well earned wage. Yet in America there is such freedom for kids, they are encouraged to read, to paint, to fall and play, and it will not matter if they are not studying 24/07 you can actually breathe, and you are certainly more relaxed than the way the educational Korean system is set to.


The thing with freedom is that if you have so much of it, it is bound to be a mess, sometimes people take things too far, and that is exactly how american people are, they think that freedom does not come with rights and obligations so you can see a lot of people doing whatever they feel like doing. America is one of the most violent places on earth, their right to bear arms among other questionable laws have prompted such a violent state, and it is unbelievable how much they can get away with, Korean people can make you feel safe, either you are walking home at night or passing through a unsafe neighborhood, Koreans are not the people to be afraid of, which is a huge difference from America, that sometimes even your neighbor is involved in some sturdy thing and you can be part of collateral damage.