Places to visit next time you visit Korea

Once in a while we get homesick, it’s just not enough to eat out at a gourmet cuisine and expect that the food will momentarily bring us back, the memories, sounds, smells, are simply not there. Every year we must travel and find ourselves, even if it is traveling home. Living in Chicago might be enough, it offers plenty of options to enrich our lives and souls, yet when home is calling, you better answer. We have gathered the best places in Korea for you to visit and look at home with tourist eyes, these are places that are part of our old country and they bring back cherished memories to us. There’s something for everyone, relax, eat, take some pictures, and enjoy history, I hope you like it.




Located in Samcheong-dong, this tea house takes its name from the words “tea-drinking garden” and it is just that, a beautiful and relaxing green garden inside a korean hanok resting on top of a hill, with a beautiful view and pleasing architectural sights you reach tea-heaven by enjoying the variety of their teas. As you enter your emotions will be put at ease with some classical music, and a unforgetful view.




Have a nice cocktail while you enjoy an old film, or stay in the bar to catch up with some friends while some movies play in the background, either way the interiors of this bar was meant to attract artists and art loving people, it was founded by two sisters who love to spend a nice time drinking while watching some classics, a one of a kind experience located on the Yongsan-gu district.






As old as 1964 this market is the largest market in Korea, the families who own these shops take care of the traditions and making of their products, almost all the products you can shop in there are made by the owners. Open from 11:00 pm to 4:00 am the market is an experience by its own, When day breaks there are plenty of tourists filling these shops and enjoying some handmade and exported products.




A must see in Seoul, this tower was built in 1969 as a communication antenna for the city, and it still works today as a transmission antenna for the channels: KBS, MBC, SBS, PBC, TBS, CBS and BBS. 479,7 m above the sea it is as tall as 236,7m boasting with a unique sight of the city. The tower was open to the public on 1980, it has an observatory, a restaurant an a souvenir store.






If you are a real softy for nature this stream was made for you. It is so beautiful you will almost forget why you like the city so much, it is the best spot to look at cherry blossoms, surrounded by these beauties, the stream is united by a bridge knowns as the “Romance Bridge”, ever since it was featured on a TV Show, the stream receives a lot of tourists from the world, and makes for a great and unforgettable instagram picture.




The whole landscape will make you feel so connected to nature and humbled by it, nature as tall as you, the reserve is fully covered with reeds taller than a full grown man, the peacefulness will overwhelm you with their diverse plants and damp conditions, Suncheonman is the largest colony of reeds in Korea, it attracts as many as 140 different types of birds, a unique and wonderful sight for the eyes.






You better come to this temple with a heart seeking some peacefulness and mindful desire, this temple is open 24 hours for people to come and pray, located in Busan Samgwangsa is a place for buddhists from all around the world and those tourists seeking for some enlightenment, beautiful architecture and a wonderful sunrise.




Build on the times of the Joseon dynasty this palace is a beauty to the eye, almost 600 thousand years precedes it. It is one of the -five palaces of Seoul- it is home of some of the most precious and beautiful Korean relics. Gyeongbokgung promises to be a unique and historical event on your must-see list.

Where to learn english in Chicago

Chicago, the largest city on the midwest it’s home to a lot of people from all over the world, known as “Windy City”, Chicago is the 3rd most densely populated city of America, it’s great weather, large diversity groups and plenty of great restaurants, schools, museums, and work environment has cathed many foreigners eager to adapt to the american lifestyle and language. There are plenty of schools teaching english, we list 5 here, and if you are not willing to move across town, there are plenty online resources for you.


Kaplan International English


Are you ready to spend your learning lessons surrounded by the best of the Chicago lifestyle? Kaplan International English it’s an school located on Magnificent Mile, a few blocks away from the Chicago River, Kaplan International English offers a variety of courses, 2 lounges for the students commodity and 12 new classrooms.




Within walking distance from the Lake Michigan this languages school is part of the Dominican University offering many english courses that can fit your expectatives, focussed on technology and a campus experience, the school offers housing for those new in the city, they also offer english for business, english for executives, intensive courses but there is general english course in case you don’t need anything as specific as english for business.


Depaul University


The university doesn’t fall short with their courses, focusing on writing, speaking and reading english, they offer five different courses where you can focus on each aspect of grammar, reading, writing, they even teach word processing and rhetoric on their courses. There are five levels you can sign up to fit your necessities.


University of Illinois


The University engages their english learners with six different levels where you can learn english, from beginner level to experienced, the school focuses on their students needs, focusing on conversation, vocabulary, reading, writing, academic study skills, listening comprehension, pronunciation among others. In case you are overwhelmed there are a lot of options to let the mind relax the campus is located near parks and beaches where you can wander off and enjoy the Chicago life.


Language Loop


From 8 am to 9 pm Language Loop offers a variety of languages you can learn, they even work with an specific curriculum language depending on your needs (law, business, hospitality, health, food and beverage among others) They manage 4-7 students lessons and offer TOEFL preparations and private courses 2-3 students. They specialize on personalized teaching, making you feel as if you have your very own tutor.